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Solving Life's Greatest Problems through Consistent Saving and Better Investing 

Beach Umbrella

Make small savings contributions, and invest them in a suitable fund/ETF. This is the way to financial freedom.

Travel Photographer

Work out how much money you need to retire, our system generates a strategy to achieve it.


For entrepreneurs and those who want to create a long term investment, that is not limited by the legal requirements of a superannuation.

Contemporary Australian Home

Save for a deposit for a new home by a combination of saving and investing in a simple fund/ETF.

Front of Car

Start saving and investing so you can buy that 'shinny' thing earlier.

Bride and Groom

Some money needs to be set aside for the perfect wedding. A combination of saving and investing.



Begin by establishing a

minimal profile.


Create a TAILORED PROJECTION of how you will accomplish your goal

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Service Vaue

A Simple and Personalised Wealth Building Tool

BetterFund has a central thesis: to bring simplicity, sophistication and personalisation to Investing.


Its social mission is to help as many savers and investors to reach their life goals as possible, while avoiding the pitfalls of markets, trading and the financial industry, and believe us, there are too many.

We OVER-DELIVER our condensed industry experience into a very affordable, value-driven service. This helps our mission and it helps YOU!

Have a look at the value proposition of our individual service items above, you may find it incredible.

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