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Bringing Simplicity, Sophistication and Personalisation to Investing and Trading


Empower Your Wealth Building

Better Tools, Better Profit


Simple personalised wealth building with sophisticated tools.


Have a professional, disciplined approach to your investing. Size your portfolio appropriately. Enter and exit like a professional.

Opportunities Flow

Receive attractive investment and trade opportunities.

Trade Setup

Have a professional set up your investments with appropriate sizing. Set up trades like a professional with correct entry, exit levels.



Never lose already-made profits again. Never lose too much by having a professionally-defined stop-loss. 

Entry, Exit, Profit-Take

Have a professional watch your entry, exit, profit-taking and stop-loss levels for your investments and trades.

Service Details



For a simple, personalised, wealth-building strategy.

1. Build your profiler

2. Our system finds an ETF to match your investment requirements

3. Track your progress against your goals

4. Keep a tap on your investment and the market

(You don't know much about investing, but you know you have to invest for the long term. And you are right!)



Opportunities with attractive set ups

1. Receive investment and trading opportunities based on key levels, good risk-rewards and technicals

(Invest and trade opportunities that present attractive risk-rewards)

2. Set up your trade with defined entry levels, exit levels and size your trades properly like a PRO

(Gone are the days when you abitarily set an entry level, worse yet, without a pre-defined exit point. Sizing each investment appropriately to your entry and exit, like a PRO)



Keep profit, cut loses

1. Have our system watch your profit-taking levels, so you can keep the money you have made


(Gone are the days when you end up losing on the investments you were right about)

2. Have our system watch your stop-loss levels, so you can cut and don't make unnecessary losses


(Apply discipline to your investing and trading, cut on pre-defined levels)

"I want to build wealth and everything has to be very simple for me. WealthBuild is exactly that. Now, I can stick to a simple strategy, and a program to build wealth over the long term."

Erin Wong, Interpretor

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