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The Investing Problem is Bigger Than Itself

At the individual level, the investing problem and the betterment of one's own financial life is a functional issue. What do I mean by functional? I mean it's more a technical problem to be tackled and solved.


If an investor can master the skills of investing and trading, that investor would do quite well financially. As a result, quality of life goes up.

However, not every one has a high quality financial life. Despite the immense size of the financial industry and the expertise it employs, too many people are left under-served, or outright unserved. 

Dig a little deeper into the structures and networks inside the financial industry, you would find areas of 'deficiency'. Sometimes, these deficiencies exist for reasonable reasons, other times, they exist unnecessarily. 

And when we compound the experiences of those under-serviced and un-serviced , quickly, we can see what a tremendous social problem this is.

We call those who are under-serviced and un-serviced the ones that are 'left behind'.

A Network of Problems

Let's focus on the end-consumer, for they are the ones we are ultimately concerned about.

Why are people under-serviced and un-serviced by the financial industry?

A Lack of Personalisation

For one, most people would not pay the thousands of dollars required to get personal financial advices.

Some in this group would then pursue self-education. They may succeed in getting into a fund, passive or active.

However, many in this group would not pursue a DIY option because there is a lack of personalisation in an DIY option. To a fund, an investor is just an account number. The fund really does not care and does not need to know too much about the investor's goals, strategy and specific needs.

This lack of personalisation is what keeps many people out of the market. Of course, they can use an advisor for a personalised service. But the cost of comprehensive advice puts a final nail in the coffin, discouraging the investor to even have a chance of a quality financial life. 

Unnecessary Complexity

Cost of Professional Help

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