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Focus, Actionable, Profitable

Everything is focused on making actionable and profitable trades. 

  1. It starts with identifying opportunities, that is our job. We scan through thousands of stocks to identify tradable opportunities. We leverage on our trading experience to filter for the most actionable and likely-profitable.

  2. Then, set clear Stop-Loss and Profit-Taking levels. This you can put in with your broker automatically, or you can manually execute.

  3. A prediction of the level of return and level of risk on any given trade.

  4. A calculation of the payoff.

Combine this with a Pay/PerCall model, you can focus on using the opportunities and execution.

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Get professional trader action through tech

Actionable & Profitable

We scan through thousands of stocks and leverage on our trading experience to give you the most actionable and likely-profitable opportunities.

Stop-Loss and Profit-Taking

Clear Stop-Loss and Profit-Taking levels, so you are never lost. You know exactly what to do. Have these levels set automatically with your broker, or execute manually yourself.

Return/Risk and Payoff

A prediction of %return and %risk is given, so you know what return you are expecting. Payoff calculation to assess the attractiveness of the trade.

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