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Terms & Conditions

Legal Disclaimer

At TRANSFORM, we take legal compliance seriously. The information provided on this page is for general information purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. We recommend seeking legal counsel to ensure your website's Terms & Conditions comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

What are Terms & Conditions?

Terms & Conditions are legally binding rules and regulations that govern the relationship between TRANSFORM and its website users. Our T&C define the rights and obligations of both parties, and are designed to protect the interests of both parties. They cover topics such as the use of our website, payment methods, warranties, intellectual property rights, and account suspension or cancellation.

What should be included in a T&C document?

To ensure legal compliance and protect your business interests, a T&C document should include specific information such as who is allowed to use the website, payment methods, warranties, intellectual property rights, account suspension or cancellation, and more. At TRANSFORM, we understand the importance of a comprehensive T&C document and are happy to offer guidance on creating one for your website.

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