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Curated Top-Performing ETFs

Not every ETF is the same. We use high-quality ETFs.

Guided through Entry and Exit

Our trader experiences combined with AI algorithm give you a hand-in-hand experience.

Visible Wealth-Building plan

Never lose sight of the goal. You will have a tailored path to building your wealth.

Low-Cost Investing

Cost can cut into your wealth. We look for VALUE.

24/7 Risk Monitoring

Risks need to be watched, 24/7! And that's our job, not yours!

Not Every ETF is made the same; Some are extremely poor quality

Built by experienced traders and analysts, we see both opportunities and pitfalls in the ETF market.

While ETFs are great ways to get diversified, thematic exposure to markets, not every ETF is investible. That is right, some are uninvertible!

The first thing is ETF selection for the kind of exposure you want.

The second thing is ETF strategy, where we combine fundamental, technical, quant methods with real trading experiences. 

End result is good quality ETFs, implemented with the right trading/investing strategies. And that equals wealth preservation and superior return.


Choose a theme (an idea or market you want to invest into via ETF)


We select the best ETFs out of a basket of good and bad. 

(1. ETF with good track record; 2. excellent correlation to underlying assets; 3. liquidity risks)


Leverage on our ETF investing strategies


(entry, exit, payoff, cyclical, technical, fundamental, etc, etc...)


Stay on top with our market monitor and alert service

(know when to get in and out, when to be very very careful)

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Ken Wangdong

CEO & Founder

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